in the kitchen this week

This first full week of February is well under way, so I will just hop to the list of stuff I have on the brain for the kitchen:

  • Kadai Masala Curry – I haven’t made this in forever but I have a head of cauliflower that needs using. Will make some basmati rice on the stovetop as a go-with
  • Pasta e Ceci – Made this over the weekend to have on hand as a quick meal and it is already gone! Good belly filling stuff that comes together in about 20 minutes if you have cooked chickpeas on hand already.
  • Caesar Salads – These are the 14yo’s favorite. Sourdough croutons will make them feel a little more special. Will stretch the use of the homemade dressing with some side salads.
  • Buddha Bowls – Brown rice brussel sprouts raw carrots pan-fried tofu red beans cashew tamari dresssing
  • Spinach-Ricotta Ravioli – Saving this for the weekend or a slower weekday. Will make pasta dough a day in advance to make the prep time shorter.

  • Quick meals – I made some veggie patties over the weekend that went over well, so I froze the extras. Those will make for a great dinner if we get into a pinch. Those San Franciscano beans I soaked over the weekend made their way into a small batch of chili, tacos, and the last of them are getting tossed into a nice little salad that will help stave off the hangry in the late afternoons.

What are you up to in our kitchen?

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