tomatolandia 2019

He was kind enough to pick up the first of my tomato haul this morning for me and I am now quickly assessing priorities. This first 20 lbs is all san marzanos and most are on the smaller side so I think most are getting cored and processed into a chunky tomato sauce that is a whole lot less trouble than blanching and peeling for crushed tomatoes.

Other things on my wish list:
– Enchilada sauce
– Pizza sauce
– Oven-roasted (for freezer)
– Small batch of shelf-stable salsa
– Fresh salsa for selling
– As much chunky tomato sauce as I can fit in my cabinet.

Most notable omission this year is going to be ketchup. We still have some left over from last year and unless I can figure out a micro-batch it’s just not gonna be worth it.

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