just keep cooking

Writing from the depths of my kitchen which has been busy the past few weeks. We usually cook/eat a solid 18-19 meals at home so we are not necessarily cooking a whole lot more than usual. Our shopping habits have had to adjust significantly to this new normal though. Even with all my meal planning, I would succumb to last-minute dinner whims ALL THE TIME which meant runs to a grocery store to pick up a couple of missing ingredients. No more quick trips to pick up a single missing ingredient or because I am craving some salt and vinegar chips. We are doing a single grocery run every 7-10 days to supplement our CSA box and that is pretty much it. Feeling lucky to have a well-stocked pantry and lots of practice assembling meals from components to make our food stretch with just enough variation.

I’ll be posting some simple recipes and tips in the coming weeks, based on some of what I’ve been putting in place. But for now I leave you with a reminder that getting meals on the table is a wholly independent task that can be difficult no matter how much you love cooking, how experienced you are with food, or how many mouths your are feeding. It takes lots of practice so just keep cooking and if you need a break reheat some leftovers or bust out some bowls of cereal to tide you over.

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