summer on the counter

The time for eating light, but frequently has arrived. It is well over 100° out there. We’ve been sticking to light and brothy soups, salads, and sandwiches for the most part, but at least once a week we have to make something more belly-filling. This week it is this tortilla casserole which is just corn on corn with corn topped with cheese!

The almost 17-year old started making it when she was wee and going through one of her cooking phases (they come and go so don’t get too attached to the “help”). It’s originally from Mollie Katzen’s Honest Pretzels, the last of her kid’s cookbooks from way back when. I still suggest the books to any parents with food-curious kiddos and this very casserole attests to both the longevity and adaptability of the recipes. When she was little it would be cheese and tortillas only and the sprinkle of paprika allowed could never exceed the tiniest pinch of her 5-year old hand. Now, she makes it from memory and loads in spinach or corn or zucchini (or all of them) and swirls spices liberally into the buttermilk mixture; mixes up cheeses even!

She’s gone and grown all up and with a humble casserole reminded me that cooking with your kiddo and eating with your kiddo? It is a privilege and perhaps because food is such a huge part of my life, a wonderful lens through which to watch them grow into themselves. Can’t wait to see what this dish will morph into in another 10 years. And… I am off to dig into a slice which in my heart very much defines summer and HER and will try my best to not get swallowed by the nostalgia.

Peace and love from Austin.

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