spring, yo!

Waving greetings and salutations from underneath the layer of oak pollen that is currently over the entirety of Austin, Texas. It has been a good long while since I’ve checked in here, but this past year has done a real number on the joys of cooking, no? Way back at the beginning of the pandemic there was a huge spike in cooking tips and pantry cooking, but now that we are in month 13 (14?) I think that maybe folks have leveled out their culinary routines.

The temperatures are warming and flour supplies seem to be more stable on grocery shelves, so I may finally get my sourdough restarted. And I see pictures of backyard gardens starting to pop up so I will most likely begin to plan out my tomato season (#tomatolandia for like ever).

But for now… beans. Fancy beans, cheap beans, canned beans. In soups, in curries, in chilis, in tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have been my ride or die for the entirety of this past year come meal time and today is no exception. I’m taking a fancy bean, some onions, some ginger and a curry spice blend from Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian to create a little variety this week.

What are you cooking?

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