fall weekend mornings

I don’t take the idea of autumn lightly, but the past few mornings have been down right chilly by September Texas standards so I am allowing myself to daydream about soups and pumpkin pies and hot tea out on the back porch. I won’t lie… it is inching closer to 90° already.

The other awesome thing about this time of year is the meeting of two growing seasons. This week’s CSA had peppers and summer squash (still), but we also had lots of greens which made for a perfect riff on a minestrone with peppers, summer squash, potatoes, some fancy Italian legume from Rancho Gordo – cicerchia.

This came together without a recipe mostly using things I already had on hand and using spices that were familiar. The less busy Saturday morning turned out to be the perfect time to let this come together and was a great reminder (after days of barely cooking and eating whatever) that I don’t have to always have every ingredient perfectly planned to pull something yummy together.

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