falls are for tea

We tend to equate the arrival of fall with the things that go with sweaters – apples, pumpkins, and warm things for sipping. Texas weather is a different beast altogether with cucumbers stills arriving in weekly CSA shares (alongside some apples) and we are a solid couple of months out from setting aside our iced teas.

So it is with great glee that I announce my most favorite addition ever to our fall – fresh hibiscus tea! The roselles have made regular appearances in our CSA box for the past few weeks which means that our iced tea game has been significantly improved.


You’ll need to pull the red petals away from the seed pod in the center. From there, you can make the tea just like you would with dried hibiscus leaves, pouring boiling water over the fresh red petals (Ratio of 1 cup fresh petals to 4 cups water). We store the tea in the fridge after plucking out the petals. To serve you can add a squeeze of lemon or a bit of simple syrup to finish off the flavor after pouring over a cup of ice.

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