planner peace

It has taken a really long time to comfortably proclaim that I have achieved planner peace. Years of trying different systems and sizes and decades of journaling and tracking have led me to my perfect little combo:

  • Hobonichi Techo Original is for all my tracking, prioritizing, to-dos, and date-specific annotations. I try not to get to precious with the dailies. Some days it is a straight up to do list. Some days I’ll do more visual planning so I can get a better handle on how I am spending my time. Some days it’ll be a journal or memory page.
  • Field Notes for more extensive notes (calls, brainstorms, planning, etc.) segmented into notebooks for categories of work (i.e. work work, volunteer work, major projects). I used to keep an everything book, but have found that segmenting by activity makes my notes infinitely more searchable. The size is just a tad smaller than the Hobo and I can fit one into the front of my cover easily so I always have it in hand. Also easy enough to swap these guys out.
  • Hobonichi Weekly Calendar is for meal planning this year. My habits have significantly changed so I am riding this little nugget through the next few months to see if she will be a keeper in future years. It may not prove to be enough space if I get back to my heavier planning and recipe notes, but for this year which consists mostly of lists of veggies on hand and ideas for future meals it is serving just fine.

I know it seems crazy, but 2023 planner releases are only a couple of months away so I’ll try to do some close-up looks at individual spreads in case any of you are looking for a switch in the coming year.

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