celebrating him

It is Father’s Day weekend and we are choosing to celebrate him in little ways for as many minutes of the day that he will allow it. That extends into meals! Bagels are up first. That bagel class I took last month is coming in handy! I suspected while shaping these that I had not left a large enough hole before boiling and that proved right. The centers closed right up as soon as they went into the oven. Practice practice practice is all I can do.

The rest of the weekend will involve games and music and basketball (WNBA specifically) and naps. As for food, he has requested summer minestrone and corn dogs… the latter will come with help from the grocery freezer section. There will most certainly be a sweet something thrown together, too.

Happy Father’s Day, amor. I am grateful every day that we get to parent this kiddo together and I am so glad we chose each other for this journey.

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