Años, I tell ya! That is how long it has been since I gave the ol’ spice drawer a solid clean through. What brought the clean on? Well… cooking, I suppose. Nothing like being mid-dish with no fresh cumin seeds on hand to put a dent in your dinner plan.

I’ve been replenishing and going through spices plenty in the time since the last clean out, but cooking had gone on auto-pilot with very little variety (for me) day-to-day. New purchases just got layered over whatever was underneath and chaos ensued.

I have a few things to pick up and more importantly, a few spices that I unearthed that need to get used up fast. Plans forthcoming.

P.S. Any spices over 6 months old may not necessarily have gone bad, but have probably lost MOST of their flavor. Buy small portions of things you don’t use often to avoid waste. 😉

before shot of my beloved but disheveled spice drawer

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