grocery shopping returns

transferring fridge list to pocket list

It has been a long 2+ years of curbside shopping. The H-E-B and Wheatsville shoppers have been absolute champs, but after such a long spurt of no in-store, I needed to reorient myself with what was available in the aisles. I ventured in on a weekday morning around 10-ish to avoid crowds, masked and with a paper list in hand. I survived (minus a few bumps from aggressive seniors trying to beat me to the warm tortillas).

The biggest change I noticed from aisle to aisle is less variety. You can get granola bars but there are far less to choose from than the sea of options available in before times. Same goes for most products all over the store, with the exception of the produce section.

I am on break from CSA until the end of September so I am feeling a little out of sync in the meal planning department. Gonna give in-person another go this week to see if I can smooth out this bump in routine.

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