back-to-school vibes

I am here to say that I will forever love back-to-school time. All those little kids with their too-big backpacks and shiny lunchboxes just pull at my heartstrings. My own kiddo is turning 19 (!!!) later this week and attending college locally so I get to continue the back-to-school vibes for just a little bit longer.

Fall semester has always coincided with her birthday, too, which is probably what contributes to my wanting to make this time of year special. As always, I am channeling all this emotional energy into what I feed the fam. Trying to keep us stocked in good-for-you homemade snacks and deep in birthday meal planning mode. I am also trying to keep packable meals in mind as I cook.


  • Cauliflower-quinoa bites
  • Cardamom zucchini bread
  • Fruit and raw veggies
  • Half sandwiches (chickpea salad, PB&Js)
  • Lentil salad

Birthday eats

  • Oatmeal pancakes
  • Papadzules
  • Tex-mex takeout
  • Tres leches cake

Huge hug to all my mama friends out there in the throes of the back-to-school transition. Whether you have a little, a high school aged kid, or are dropping off your practicing adult off at a faraway college campus… these are huge life changes and memory-making moments and I hope you are getting to make some good ones for you and your fam.

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