cereal for dinner

So, I grew up having my midday meal be my comida fuerte del día. On the weekends, el almuerzo was had at 2-ish. Weekdays, we would get home from school and chow down immediately. So, come traditional dinner time, we really had no room for a big meal. We had light dinners – fruit, toast, milk or cereal. My husband would laugh (in disbelief mostly) when he first heard me say that we would have cereal for dinner on the regular. Like… that is not dinner. But it was.

And then last night… I was flying solo at the house on a weekday at mealtime and cooking was not feeling appealing and so I had cereal for dinner. Sooooo satisfying. Exactly what I needed. Cereal of choice: Wheaties (add raisins) with unsweetened soy milk. 14yo me would be rolling her eyes. 😉

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