still packing

If you’ve known me for any stretch of time then you are well acquainted with my love for packing meals. When she was wee it meant entire drawers-full of lunch packing knick knacks, but at this point in our lives, we have been reduced to a few leakproof (and light) containers that she occasionally throws in her backpack and these tiffins.

These tiffins have survived farmers market packed dinners, daily lunches, homeschool excursions and now that we don’t eat out much, they are reserved for days when we’ll be out and about at meal time. We’ll unpack these in the car (along with her long day) in hopes of making some memories of this point in time.

This dinner: Ginger-sesame noodles, spicy cabbage slaw, grapefruit slices, popcorn Not pictured were our mango smoothies and chamomile teas.

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