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weekend preserving: a list

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preserving the seasons

Lots of produce that I need to put up this weekend, so I thought I would put together a list for the sake of accountability. I’ve listed things in order of priority for my pantry, but this does not necessarily mean that I will tackle them in that order: Crushed tomatoes Shelf-stable salsa (small batch for emergencies)  Ketchup Fermented dill pickles Pickled red onions Fermented serranos Charred serranos for freezer Escabeche (small batch for botana […]

tomatolandia cont.

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preserving the seasons

I have put up 7 pints of shelf-stable tomato sauce and 5 pints of oven-roasted tomatoes in the freezer to date and that is just not enough to make it through to June 2017. 10 pounds of san marzanos getting processed tonight! Stay tuned to the ‘gram and twitterverse for the play-by-play. 

all the peppers

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cooking in season / preserving the seasons
jalapeño ferment start |

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I got hit with large amounts of peppers (hot ones) over the weekend. Serranos, jalapeños, poblanos, and habaneros all had to be dealt with immediately. Quick breakdown of what I put up below: Fermented Jalapeños – Ya’ll… I am fermenting everything thanks to The Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen. Picture above is what I started with. Charred Habanero Sauce – Used this recipe as a base with […]

summer rearranging

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After almost a full year in the house, it is time to do some rearranging in the kitchen. We’ve figured out where our paths bump in the mornings and I have a better sense of what that kitchen demands season to season. The coffee counter, canning supplies, pantry, and cutting boards are getting a shuffle and scrub in preparation for the busy summer season that is only a few weeks out.


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cooking in season

I’ve been warming up to the #tomatolandia sprint that is coming up at month’s end with small batches of fruit preserves. Made a beautiful batch of loquat jam today and am moving on to dewberries next. Have you started putting up spring produce?

roasted green tomatoes for the pantry

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preserving the seasons
roasted green tomatoes |

These guys are my new favorite. I know that green tomatoes are more traditionally reserved for frying in cornmeal in the summer, but fried food is not our friend. I gave it one try at the beginning of the summer in the slightest bit of oil and our tummies rebelled. Having successfully conquered okra and fennel in past years, I decided to give the old roasting a trick a try. What I got was a […]

tomatolandia 2014 in full swing

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preserving the seasons
tomatolandia 2014 |

I am about 20 lbs into this year’s tomato-preserving extravaganza with tomatoes crammed into every nook and cranny of the new kitchen. It is at this time of year that my extended family accepts that I have gone off the deep end of my homemade mission, but I assure you that the seeming madness is well worth it. I have not purchased a shelf-stable tomato product from the grocery store since early 2012. It has […]

the last of the citrus

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preserving the seasons
last of the citrus |

Realized earlier this week that citrus is about to disappear for a good long while. No more grapefruits for breakfast. No more fresh squeezed orange juice. So… I did what any sane person (that puts up food) would do. I placed an order for a seemingly insane amount of citrus – 10 lbs of oranges and 10 lbs of grapefruits to be exact. And then I was gifted 10 lbs of oranges. Haha. How does one […]