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make soup with your tomatoes!

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Can you believe how mild our spring and summer has been so far? I don’t think I remember tomatoes arriving at the market with anything other than searing heat and blinding sunshine, but we’ve had plenty of grey and cool (in the evenings) this year and I am not complaining one bit. I think going so far as calling it soup weather may be a stretch, but we can at least pretend a bit. Scoot […]

soup for spring break

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soup for spring break |

The day before Spring Break a solid batch of kids were out in her classroom with flu and or flu-like symptoms. I suppose it was only a matter of time before it made its way into our house. There was some midnight waking on Friday with fevers and headaches hitting hard by Saturday. Good news? She’s got an appetite. Grapefruits and oranges are a no-brainer, but meals for a 9yo that can’t taste much is […]

austin empty bowl project

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austin empty bowl project |

We will be cooking, playing, lounging, and blogging from the home front this weekend with the exception of a quick trip to the Sunset Valley Farmer’s Market and our new pre-Thanksgiving tradition – The Austin Empty Bowl Project. The beautiful bowls we selected last year were the perfect addition to our traditionally, humble meal and a constant reminder that we have chosen the right community to raise our family in. Please make your way out […]

recipe: vegetarian posole

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I’ve finally found a local grocery store that stocks uncooked white corn posole (aka hominy) so this has made it back into the regular rotation. The only thing that ever gets in the way of having it on hand is its lengthy cooking time. You need a solid afternoon of simmering, but it’s the perfect reward at the end of a long weekend day spent hunkered down at home.

recipe: red vegetarian broth

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I made a batch of my red broth this morning to get ready for the soup-a-thon that I have ahead of me the next few days. I have a soup swap to go to and although I haven’t decided what I’ll be making, I know that at the very least one of the soups I take will use this broth. The second this smell hits the house, I crave tortilla soup or posole and maybe […]

tortilla soup leftovers

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comida mexicana

tortilla soup leftovers, a photo by a_neelee on Flickr. We have been on a mushy food diet for a full week following my husband’s dental surgery. He had 4 wisdom teeth removed (OUCH!!) and I am doing my best to keep him fed with tasty somethings. Pardon the quick post. Wanted to give the flickr share to wordpress tool a whirl. Hope you all had a great memorial day! Via Flickr: all that is left […]