lunches and vacay on the mind | meal plan | august 24, 2010

I can’t say that I have much by way of dinner on the mind. We are one week away from starting our school rhythms, which means that I am more worried about portion control and morning food packing. We’ve done a couple of lunch run-throughs so far and she has confirmed that last year’s lunch portions will not suffice. This means packing more leftover dinners and less snacky stuff, which in turn is going to mean cooking bigger dinner portions. Ay, ay, ay!

So, dinner THIS week is going to be light and easy for me. Only “daring” meal of the week will be to finally make a Dal Makhani. If I can add this too my Indian food repertoire, I will feel pleased and prepared to add one Indian dish to the menu a week. Shall see how it goes.

Quickie dinners for this week:

Soy & Honey Glazed Squash | Brown Rice
Spinach Feta Quiche
Dal Makhani
Pita night – hummus, grilled veggies, spruouts, cucumbers and olives
Baked potato night | Side Spinach Salads

I am also trying to put together a food plan for our trip this weekend. The birthday girl has requested quiche and baked potatoes and I think I can swing it with the fridge and microwave that I’ll have on hand in our hotel room.

Be kind. Be patient. Eat well.

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