CSA and kinda-menu

I owe my family a bit of an apology for the my lacks in the kitchen. I have been winging it for far too long and when I piled busy on top of it… well… um… bad things happened. I threw together a “dinner” this past Sunday that was pa-the-tic. An amateurish salad that had all sorts of wrong going on with a side of something and a mushy grain. Ugh. I was embarrassed and I am determined to not repeat.

So, the busy has been shed and I am now ready to hunker down. I picked up my fresh box of veggies last week and was delighted to find some of my favorites – sweet potatoes and chard. That wretched okra made its way back in, but I have this ginger-lime thing and I am hopeful.

Other things that made it into the box:

green beans
baby arugula
yellow squash
sweet potatoes
peppers (hot and lots)

The green beans had poor company during Sunday’s aforementioned dinner. Arugula has made its way into a lunch salad. The butternut squash made a lovely soup. As for the rest of the stuff, I have this planned:

Sweet Potato and Gruyere Turnovers
Garlic & Chard Soup
Okra with Scallion Lime & Ginger | Jasmine Rice
Kohlrabi Slivers with Almonds
Bhaba Ghanoush (sp?)
Squash Stuffed Enchiladas with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa
Potato and Chickpea Stew

I still don’t have a plan for the endives, but I shall come up with something.

Catch you all on the flip side of Halloween celebrations. 🙂

Be kind. Be patient. Eat better.


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