CSA – november 5, 2010

A quick run-down of what was in our box this week:

curly endive
bok choi
green beans!!
anaheim peppers
serrano peppers
green garlic
chocolate peppers
and a big ol’ head of napa cabbage






















Any suggestion you may have for the cabbage would be greatly appreciated. Some of the eggplant went into last night’s red sauce and I think the rest of  it will go into a roasted eggplant dip. Tomatoes are going in a chunky salad with mozzarella and olives. Rocking a stir-fry this weekend. The rest? I’ll hopefully figure out before the end of the day.

On a different note, my husband said that he didn’t feel comfortable being in the kitchen with me a lot of the time… or maybe it was sometimes… or maybe it was just last night (although I doubt that). At any rate, I clearly have some issues to work out with respect to sharing it. Shall do my best in the coming weeks to be more inclusive and less territorial. Hell… maybe we’ll even cook together! Hehe.

Be kind. Be patient. Eat well.


  1. Laura

    Have you ever tried either kimchee or sauerkraut? I did sauerkraut a while back with some red cabbage we got from our CSA and it turned out great. (It was an amazing color, too).

    I’ve been meaning to try kimchee for a while now – I think that’s going to be one of my summer adventures. Once you get it made, it can go into a yummy soup with some broth and tofu.

    1. aneelee

      my husband would love it if i actually pulled off some sauerkraut. i would just have to fight the gagging in the background ’cause it may be one of my least favorite things ever… that and okra.

      i need to figure this sucker out fast before she goes bad on me. some in soup, some in a lime-cilantro slaw thing for tacos (on pumpkin tortillas) and… maybe some cabbage wrap thingies? hmm.

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