meal plan | october 4, 2011

Last week’s meal plan got thrown to the wind as soon as it sunk in that lots of baking had to happen in 100º+ weather. I didn’t have much left in me come dinner time and I was thankful that we had lots of leftovers and pasta on hand. So, this week, I owe my family lots of home-cooked meals.

I’m craving soup, but have not yet figured out what kind. I’ll ready the fridge and freezer with some yummy broths while I figure it out, I guess. Everything else is pretty standard fare – a variation on a taco night, a pasta & salad night and some quick meals thrown in to use the last of the veggies from the CSA box.

Tostada Night
Pasta with Basil & Sunflower Seed Pesto | Salad Greens with Creamy Radish Dressing
Veggie Burgers | Butternut Squash Fries
Frito Pies with Black Bean Chili
Zucchini Frittata | Roasted Turnips with Parmesan

Multi-grain Waffles with Fruit
Black Bean and Potato Tacos
Smoothies & Scrambles
Steam-fried eggs | Black Beans
Buttermilk Biscuits with Honey and Fruit
Yogurt and Granola | Pears

Snacks and other stuff
Applesauce Muffins
Cinammon-Almond Granola
Red & Classic Vegetarian Broth
Spicy Roasted Salsa
Fridge-Pickled Red Onions

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