the little rice cooker that could

We began the day with the rain soaking through our planned day of kite flying and bike rides. With flexibility as our eternal friend, we carried on and found fun indoors. And then… the gas company knocked on the door to deliver the words that I had been dreading since spying them on the street the day before with their special gas-detection devices in hand – “Ma’am we’re gonna be shutting your gas off for a little bit.”

Dinner tonight was brought to us, in part, by our trusty red rice cooker and the electric skillet we received over the holidays.

Gas is back on as of 8-ish and we are looking forward to a warm evening and hot stove in the morning.


    1. aneelee

      Hi Martin! Yes, it is definitely a bare bones rice cooker, but has been perfectly well suited for our very limited single function use (and its still kicking years later). Thanks for reading!

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