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lunch bowl – winter taco salad

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winter taco salad |

We’ve continued our greens at lunch routine and enjoyed these salad bowls over the weekend. Easy enough to pull together if you have taco fixings (rice, beans, salsa) around. In the winter I take advantage of my pickled red onion stash, radishes, and the roasted jalapeños that my freezer keeps nice and chilled for me. Winter Taco Salad mixed greens red cabbage black beans brown rice avocado radish pickled red onions soyrizo cilantro homemade salsa […]

we have vegetables!

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cooking in season
we have vegetables |

After a week of stretching pantry contents into belly-filling meals, I am happy, happy, happy to have all of this to work with: I’m scouring my cookbook stash for the rest of the weekend to see if there is anything fun and different that I can do with my daikon. What are you cooking this weekend?

homemade pantry – january update

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preserving the seasons
homemade pantry - january update |

I figured it was time to a check in on my pantry stash. Doing my absolute best to not freak out as I itemize the contents of my pantry, but summer preserving season is a long, 4 months away. What I have left: raw packed tomatoes (6 pints) oven roasted tomatoes ( 2 ½ pints in ½ pint portions) sofrito (½ pint in freezer) ketchup (2 pints in ¼ pint portions) peach preserves (1 ½ […]

vegetarian meal plan – january 21, 2013

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vegetarian meal plans

Just last week I was going on and on (and on) about how much I LOVE the short winters here. Scarves and warming the house with the oven and boots and snuggling under warm blankets. Oh well… all I can hope for now is that the weather outside is short-lived because I am not ready for it to be warm again. My cravings haven’t quite caught up with 60-70º temperatures either, so I have stews […]

vegetarian meal plan – december 31, 2012

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vegetarian meal plans
vegetarian meal plan - december 31, 2012

Food has been about sustenance as of late and I fear that my seemingly grandiose food plans for the coming week may not match up well to the life that will be accompanying it. Shall report back on how the plan is panning out: Meals Ricotta & Spinach Stuffed Shells Green Beans, Peppered Black Tofu Crisps & Rice with Cashew Tamari Dressing Vegetarian Black Bean Chili Facon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwiches | Cabbage Wedges with […]