no more tacos | meal plan – january 29, 2012

oat bread

I have felt super-duper busy the past few weeks and maybe even a tad overwhelmed. My meal planning is nowhere near its usual state. I’m only getting to the mental note state that says, “Use that lettuce first,” and find myself falling into the routine that I dread most where someone asks what we are having for dinner and THEN I figure something out.

You know what happens when I don’t have a plan? Tacos. Egg and potato and cheese ones for breakfast. Tacos with beans for lunch and fancy tacos with chard and veggies for dinner. If I get a step ahead of myself and think the aforementioned lettuce-thought before I start preparing tacos? Well, then we have taco salads.

Ya! I’m a little done with tacos.

I kicked back into gear over the weekend. I made oat bread, a potato & chickpea stew, yummy stir fry and veggie sandwiches with a pumpkin seed crusted field roast. I kinda had to turn the rest of the world off to get back into my groove though, canceling all of Saturday. The true test will be sustaining the energy from the weekend through the week as the work creeps back into my days.

Wish me luck!

Quiche | Grilled Carrots | Side Salads
Enchiladas (gotta wean ourselves off the tortillas)
Lentil Minestrone
Some sort of pasta dish

Other stuff
Banana Sunshine Muffins
Veggie “Chips”
Whole-Wheat Crackers
Spring or Egg rolls

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