meal plan – february 6, 2012

We are starting the week off with a sick body in the house… again. This time it’s the 8yo and I am hoping that she has an easier time than her dad did last week. We’ll depend heavily on leftovers today and hope that she gets to feeling better so that I can carve some time out for making the pizzas and veggie burgers I am craving.

Leftover from Weekend
Vegetarian Chili
Macaroni & Cheese
Hummus & Roasted Red Peppers

Fideos in Broth
Broccoli, Potato & Rosemary Pizza
Spinach, Olives & Feta Pizza
Enchiladas | Avocado Salad with Ancho Cilantro Vinaigrette
Spinach Ricotta Pie | Roasted Veggies
Tempeh Burgers | Coleslaw
Braised Coconut Spinach with Chickpeas & Lemon
Baked Potatoes

There is a lot in motion right now between school and stuff for her, a growing business and lots of “plans” in the works. Really though, the elephant in the room (as far as I am concerned) is that work has crept back into my life and I am very much in the middle of figuring out how to keep it all in balance with sleep, cooking and downtime with family accounted for. No big whoop, right?

I must also come up with a plan to deal with food once soccer season starts next week. Much smaller issue than the whole working-again thing, but it inevitably wreaks havoc on our eating if I don’t do a good job of adjusting my cooking schedule and meal planning.

More to come as I figure it all out.

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