no meal plan… yet

I had a weekend of sick which was preceded by a week of feeling not-so-hot, so at the moment I am rejoicing at the plain and simple fact that I can eat without something (stomach, ear, throat, etc.) hurting. Hoorah! Keeping it simple and bland for another day to make sure that all is well in there.

I’m going to use that time to scour the kitchen and do a full assessment of where we are with things leftover, things fresh, things pantry and things that need be trashed. I’ll have a simple plan up for the rest of the week by tomorrow.

I also just had a semi-revolutionary epiphany:

You know that yummy <insert favorite food> that you crave when you are sick? If it is freezer friendly, make sure to stash a portion or two away and mark it, “Reserved for Mama’s Sick Day.” Those days inevitably come and just think how lovely it would be to have a batch of tortilla or winter greens in broth soup when you need it most.


  1. Anna

    Neat blog!

    I’ve been moving towards doing the vast majority of cooking from scratch over the last 6 months (take out food just isn’t in the budget anymore). Last weekend it was old fashioned chicked stew; lentils with spinach and lamb; homemade pizza with carmelized fennel, onions, and mozzarella; roasted eggplants to go with pasta later in the week, and scallion pancakes (Chinese scallion pancakes, but I saw some Korean vegetable pancake videos on youtube, and those will be coming soon).

    I wish we could cook together. . .even though I would put too much salt in for your taste.


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