savory spice shop in austin |

savory spice shop

savory spice shop in austin |
Wranglin’ Rubs Gift Set from Savory Spice

Savory Spice has become one of my favorite places to stop by. One whiff of their cumin had me sold and I have been doing my best to stock my own kitchen from their incredible selection of organic spices since.

When Karen Aboussie of Savory Spice put a call out to food bloggers a few weeks ago to try out some of her gift sets, I was quick to bounce on the opportunity. I drew a Wranglin’ Rubs gift set. It may seem like a strange fit for a vegetarian, but I am excited about trying all of them out in my veggie kitchen. Salad dressings and delicious roasted vegetables come to mind at first glance and I am sure that there will be many more uses discovered in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for a recipe and soon.


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