making happy |

making happy

making happy |

Hope that you all had safe and happy new year’s celebrations. Whatever it is that you resolve to do better or do more (or less) of in the coming year I hope that helps you all land in a happy place each and every day of 2013.

We’ll just be working on the simple task of making happy happen.


  1. em_dash512

    I’m working on a project with one of my friends that I think you might like! It’s called 12 Magical Moments and it’s about remembering all the great things that happened in 2012 instead of just charging into 2013 with all our resolutions, diets, crazy goals. Basically you just create a list of 12 memorable things and then post to your blog or social media with #12magicalmoments. More info here:

    Spread the word if you think your friends might be interested!

    Happy New Year!

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