vegetarian meal plan - 5/13/2013 |

vegetarian meal plan – may 13, 2013

vegetarian meal plan - 5/13/2013 |

I had a pretty fantastic weekend. So great, that I even managed to set aside some time for meal planning. Trying out my mother’s day gift (an Evernote Moleskine) may have also been a motivating factor. 😉

A Moleskin all in its own is pretty darned fancy, but an Evernote Moleskine has the added bonus of capturing my scribbles into searchable text. Queue cloudy skies parting overhead. Yes! My scribbles can be indexed so I can (next time that cabbage is in season) remember that I served my regular ol’ tacos with a spicy mexican slaw. I will also be able to make sense of my recipe scribbles and figure out whether that last batch of salsa had raw or grilled onions.

So yes, my page was a little text heavy this week so that I could play with my new toy:


Red Lentils with Spinach & Lime*
Black Bean Tacos with Mexican Slaw & Pepitas
Chard & Goat Cheese Quiche
Tomato & Roasted Fennel Soup
Cauliflower & Potato Stir Fry in Coconut Milk*
Classic Veggie Sandwiches
Chickpea Salad with Soyrizo

Potato & Leek Omelets
Whole Grain Waffles
Yogurt, Granola with Fresh Peaches
+ other usual suspects

* Originally from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

I am hoping that I get a little more inspired with her lunches. We only have a couple of weeks left before summer hits and I must redeem myself. I’ll report back soon on how my Evernote journal is working out. Have a great week!

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