AFBA’s Photo Camp is coming up!


My love of photography began in high school. Armed with a 35mm camera, a school newspaper staff badge, and darkroom privileges, I quickly realized that I had been handed my ticket to sanity. Where’s Nelly? In the darkroom. I can’t find Nelly. Umm… have you tried the darkroom. Nelly isn’t in the darkroom? Beats me.

My love of the extreme close up began to surface as early as sixteen and I’ve comfortably landed on shooting food the past few years. That love of capturing is what has kept this little blog going at times when the words and meal planning dry up. I do a’ight with my pictures, but anything outside of the trifecta of beautiful subject, perfect natural light and cosmic alignment requires some touching up either post or in-camera and THOSE skills are in constant need of refreshing. Entre the Austin Food Blogger Alliance’s Photo Camp! It’s coming up at the end of the month and will be covering everything from basics, to editing, to the much-needed “Rig It” class. Even gonna have a class on iPhoneography… which I love! At only $45 for AFBA members, it is totally worth stopping by for even a half day’s worth of classes. The full class line up is below as is the very impressive list of food offerings. We are food bloggers, you know. 😉

Get your tickets!


  • Food Photography 101 – Melissa Skorpil takes you through everything from how to plan a shoot to setting up lighting and using props.
  • Photo Editing – Mary Helen Leonard takes you through editing basics.
  • Don’t Fear the Manual Setting – Chris Perez will help you step outside your autofocus safety zone.
  • Rig It – Ryan Schierling teaches you how to get the most out of your camera.
  • Phoning It In – Jane Ko will show that gorgeous photos can come from your phone, too.
  • All About the Gear – Peter Tsai discusses the best gear for your camera.
  • plus Breakout Shooting Sessions

Your ticket gets you hands-on training and photography best practices, a yummy box lunch provided by Pamela Jane’s New England Lobster Rolls (vegetarian and gluten-free options available), iced coffee sponsored by Chameleon Cold Brew, morning sips and snacks sponsored by Zhi Tea and Better Bites Bakery, and happy hour snacks sponsored by Dinner Lab.

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