eating through fun and busy weekends

This weekend is one of the best of the year – there are authors, filmmakers and record collectors taking advantage of the glorious weather that Austin offers in late-October. We have readings to attend, record stashes to dig through and films to watch!

The hardest part about these sorts of weekends is eating. We need food… good-for-you food in order to sustain the all-day hop around town. Indulging in the junk food at the festival stands is an emergency option, but that food usually leaves us dragging (after the initial fat and sugar highs). So this year, I am going to pack us a cooler of better-for-you snacks and lunches that will hopefully keep us going all day!

Black Beans & Rice | Tamales
Chickpea Salad Sandwiches | Roasted Beets

Nut & Seed Mix
Carrots & Olives & Hummus
Persimmons and Apples
Green pea snacks from World Peas*
Water, water, water!

Be sure to check my twitter and flickr feeds over the weekend to get glimpses of our fun-filled weekend and eats. Also be sure to check out the schedules for the Texas Book Festival and the Austin Film Festival!
* DISCLOSURE – We got a nice sampling of green pea snacks from World Peas and will be putting them all to the test this weekend. Will let you know how they fare. 😉

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