in excellent order

The celebrating of my birthday begins today! It’s not till Monday, but birthdays are embraced with significantly more revelry than most other holidays ’round here. I’ve been content with no-fuss the past few years, preferring to idle in bed a bit late and letting the day just happen, but something feels really different this year.

The last time I felt like this was as my 28th birthday approached. I had a baby (gender and name yet undetermined) growing in my belly and everything else (home, work, health, family) was just in this smooth, forward-moving groove.

Copacetic. That feeling is back.

Getting here is no accident. We’ve been working really, really hard for the past few years to land us at this place again. I am happily cuddling up and into this great feeling with him and her and my side. All is well. All is excellent. There shall be cake.

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