veggie meal plan - september 16, 2014 |

veggie meal plan – september 16, 2014

A day late, but just as yummy! We have the entire adult crew (all two of us) working from home this week so there are a few more sandwiches, snacks, and light meals in there to get us through three-to-four sittings a day. Lots of grains and legumes to help us stretch the veggies we DO have on hand till our CSA pick-up on Saturday. Check it out…

Tempeh BBQ Sandwiches | Potato Salad
Faux Pho (Vegetarian Broth and Noodles)
Chickpea Salad Sandwiches
Tunisian Chickpea Soup*
Vegetarian Tan-Tan Noodles*

Snacks & Stuff to Drink
Apple Juice
Banana Oat Muffins
Summer Squash & Parmesan Mini-Quiches

We also have a solid batch of leftovers that are going to fill in some dinner time gaps.

Veggie Burgers
Pinto Beans
White Rice
Cold Soba Noodles w/ Miso, Lime & Ginger<>

Don’t forget that she’s got her own lunch list going strong every week. Still simple stuff, but we have all year to work our way up to fancy lunches.

P.S. This past weekend was gloriously cool and grey. We are crossing our fingers for it to stay warm enough for swims for just a bit longer, but the sun is disappearing earlier and earlier. This may be the mildest summer that we’ve had since we’ve lived in Austin (8 years now).
* The Heart of the Plate by Mollie Katzen

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