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Sometimes, this is all it takes to send my memory wandering back to my mom’s kitchen. Her flour was stored in the smallest of the Tuppeware set and was only brought out on occasional Sundays when we needed to bread our milanesas. Laundry, football, chores, and working together in the kitchen are what the muddy memories are filled with. A lot like what we have going on at home today.

I inherited the entire set when she moved her kitchen to Merida a few years ago and they hold flours for baking. This lovely little pattern only happens when the container is filled to the brim (rarely). Do you have anything in your kitchen from your parents’ house? What does it remind you of?


  1. Huehueteotl

    From my parents’ house, not much; but lots from my abuelita, who gave me a lot of things, many of which I still use: her Frankoma dinnerware (pre-1954, and hard to replace when something breaks), her multi-tine ice pick (from the days when you needed to bust up a hundred-pound block), her Bama jelly glasses, her jar opener … I don’t remember what all else.

    1. aneelee

      frankoma pottery is gorgeous. what an amazing inheritance! our old apartment in dallas still had the small door to the hallway from the kitchen for ice delivery straight into the icebox. was not that long ago….

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