happy friday!

We have officially landed at our family’s favorite time of year. The weather is cool enough (even in the sun) to venture outdoors without having to rely on a cool water to dip into and you can pack snacks and food into the car without having to worry about everything melting. Here’s what I am up to this weekend with the fam:happy friday - book fest wknd | aneelee.com

  • Texas Book Festival – We’ll make a home base on the Capitol Lawn and take turns heading out to readings, lectures, cooking demos, and catch a little of the music in the background. A great, diverse line up this year so we are collectively stoked.
  • Austin Film Festival – I love SXSW for all the documentary film, but this is the film festival to check out if you are a fan of film’s storytelling capabilities. Beautiful stories every year. A film pass is super affordable and you get 10 days to watch as much as you can.
  • Halloween prep is in full gear – costumes, house decorations (for the first time ever!) and the 11yo is working on a neighborhood map.
  • As for food, I’ll be working on lots of portable snacks and lunches to tote with as we are out and about this weekend. Grain salads, sandwiches, fruit, and beverages that like to be on the go.

Have a great weekend and if you happen to also be in Central Texas, get outside! We only have this weather for a short time. 🙂

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