veggie meal plan – february 8, 2015

I got my weekday meal prep off to a late start today, so I am pulling my meal plan together with all sorts of stuff simmering and baking and cooling in the background. A visit to the doctor this past week has me thinking that it may be time to shake our food routine up, so we can inch back towards more mindful and healthy food choices at home. Hoping that entering the week with just a handful of goals at the top of my mind will help:

  1. veggie meal plan 2/8/15 | aneelee.comCut down on our morning eggs and get more non-dairy proteins into our breakfasts.
  2. Make sure that there is plenty of “good for you” snacks around for both the adults and the 11yo (I’ve been letting way more junk food into the grocery cart than I usually do).
  3. Begin working our way back to smaller and more frequent meals.

Muffins & Fruit
Yogurt & Granola & Berries
Morning Glory Oats*
Greens & Grains Scramble*
Bean & Potato Tacos

Pommelo Noodles
Black Beans & Rice
White Beans & Cabbage**
Black Beans Tacos with Pepita Slaw
Mixed Greens with Mustard Vinaigrette
Grain, Protein & Veggie Bowl

Snacks & Beverages
Milk & Honey Corn Muffins***
Pineapple-Green Smoothies
Roasted Tomato Salsa
Coconut Oil Granola
oasted Beets

* Whole Grain Mornings
** Super Natural Every Day
*** King Arthur Flour’s Whole Grain Baking

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