veggie meal plan – 7/12/15

first fig 2015 | aneelee.comLast week kicked our butts, but we survived and even managed to squeeze in some quality time with my mama. Meal plans help me get my bearings in the kitchen and, in turn, the time in the kitchen helps ground me altogether. Lots of food to put up, a recipe coming later this week, and I am about to start a new hashtag to help track the fig explosion that is about to happen – #figlandia.

Meals & Salads
Fresh Corn Soup * with Poblano Pesto + BLTs
Chickpea Salad Sandwiches + Asian Slaw * + Homemade Potato Chips
Frijoles Colados + Picadillo Tacos
Mushroom & Poblano Tart in Cornmeal Crust
East West Roasted Corn Salad on Mixed Greens **
Lentil Salad w/Roasted Peppers and vegetable garnishes ***
Grilled Pizzas

Snacks & Beverages
Peach Iced Tea
Fresh Figs
Zucchini Bread

Preserves & Pantry
Roasted Poblanos (for freezer)
Grilled Jalapeños (for freezer)
Poblano Mayo
Peach Jam
Quicker Kosher Dills^ or Fermented Dill Pickles
Pickled Jalapeños

* The Heart of the Plate
** Salad Samurai 
*** Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
^ Canning for a New Generation

Also on hand this week is Vegetable Literacy as I do my best to use every bit of my mountain of produce.

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  1. Corey Cananza

    I’ve tried all three diets- veganism, vegetarianism, and a meat diet and I’ve always felt the healthiest with a vegan diet. Eating meat always made my energy levels decline and milk and eggs did the same but to a lesser degree. Plenty of protein can be found in so many natural vegan sources so the myth that vegans don’t get enough protein is wrong too. Keep up your good work.

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