taco cleanse key to happiness

Disclosure: I contributed to the the Taco Cleanse zine a couple of years ago and frequently embark in Mild Cleanses to stay in touch with my taco roots. One of my recipes from the zine made it into the The Taco Cleanse: The Tortilla-based Diet Proved to Change Your Life, which this post is dedicated to. Enthusiasm and excitement for the result of the Taco Scientists’ hard work is purely my own. 


With the new year comes, predictably, a slew of blog posts and articles on clean eating and vows to eat healthier, better, vitamin-rich foods. Some of you may even be purging last night’s sins with your first juice cleanse of the year. Well, I am here to tell you that you should throw all that to the wayside and embrace the mighty Taco Cleanse.

The rules are really quite simple:

  1. A taco has only one fold.
  2. The “tortilla” must not be bready.
  3. Waffles are the exception.*
  4. Tacos must be portable.
  5. Most importantly… step away from the burrito. It is not a taco.

* The Taco Purist in me feels conflicted about number three, but I’ll bow down to the Taco Scientists on this one. Their research was vast and comprehensive and if it gets more people eating tacos then viva el waffle!

With those few simple rules in hand you can now forge ahead with a diet that embraces the rewards and beauty of the taco. It is an incredibly forgiving palette for all the things you already love to eat. Eat refried beans & papas on handmade flour tortillas. Eat black beans and rice on a gluten-free (corn) tortilla. Embrace the veg-lover in you and add sprouts and avocado and tomatoes to your spelt tortilla! There is a taco out there for you.

You can learn more about all that the Taco Cleanse has to offer via the Taco Scientist’s recently released book – The Taco Cleanse: The Tortillas-based Diet Proven to Change Your Life. There are tips and tricks to help you keep tacos incorporated into every aspect of your life – cocktails, gardening, yoga, and even best practices to help parents with the daunting task of molding your children into taco-lovers. And there is of course an awesome recipe section that can help keep your taco game fresh from day-today. I’m most excited about trying out the plantain tortillas and upping my condiment game.

Pick up a signed copy for yourself at BookPeople or order yours on Amazon and start making 2016 your year of the taco!


P.S. In all seriousness… this is an awesome effort by an awesome and talented group of people. They’ve done a terrific job of pulling together an enjoyable and readable (!!!) cookbook that can help expand your at-home taco repertoire. The writing is fun and thoughtful, the recipes are accessible and delicious, and their meal plan is a great tool if you find yourself with a book of taco components that you don’t know how to pair.

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