tomatolandia: what comes first?

I am not sure what kind of shape my tomatoes are going to be in tomorrow morning, but I suspect that they will be very, very, VERY ripe. Although my most coveted pantry is item is crushed tomatoes, I find that knocking out a batch of Basic Tomato Sauce first helps start my weekend processing without wearing me down. No blanching or peeling! I can usually get through a solid 6-7 lbs of the most ripe tomatoes as soon as I get home with them. This helps reduce any anxiety about wasting produce (for everyone in the house) and buys me some time as I figure out a plan for the other 13-14 lbs.

2016: I’ll be using the coarse screen on my food mill this year so that I can achieve a chunkier sauce that will hopefully be more versatile year-round.

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