Have lots and lots of kitchen updates to give you – tomato news, meal plans, popsicles, and all the other goings-on during my busy summer season. I got sucked in by the Instagram beast and found myself not having the follow-through to post here, so changing things up.

We’ll begin with figs. I’ve picking pounds and pounds and pounds of them from my neighbor’s trees. They usually leave them for the birds (gasp!) and I just don’t have the heart to watch them all go to those nasty, backyard bullies that win the bird battles (looking at you blue jays). So, I’ve been out there picking daily and doing my best to consume and preserve.

I swapped with stetted ’cause she has a current cucumber problem. I made this amazing jam that is just the right amount of sweet for us and am currently dehydrating a solid two quarts worth for storing. Also on the hunt for a fig paste.

Happy summering! Give a holler if you want swap some figs. đŸ™‚

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