meal plan – july 9


I think I have finally gotten through with the heaviest part of my summer preserving. The spike in heat bumped up tomato season and then all of sudden all of the figs in the backyard were ready to go. I’ll do a recap on this year’s tomatolandia later in the week but for now we have a meal plan!

Meals & Sides
Pasta Salad – chickpeas, zucchini, basil
Sunshine Lentil Bowls
Veggie Burgers
Vegetarian Tan-Tan Noodles* with Summer Veggies
Homemade Pizzas
Lemon Pesto Spaghetti Squash
Fried Rice with Zucchini, Tomatoes & Parmesan

Snacks, Preserves, Sides
Figs and Melon
Cucumber-Lime Paletas
Zucchini Bread
Dehydrated Figs
Fridge Pickles
Roasted Red Peppers (maybe shelf stable)

Not sure how long this will carry us through, but its a solid start for a kitchen that has been winging it for well over a month!


* The Heart of the Plate 

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