chiles. chiles. chiles.

Are you swimming in chiles right now?

There are pickles and hot sauces and ferments and jellies that are well suited for putting up large portions, but it is over 100° out on the regular right now and I can’t seem to muster the spirit to stand over hot water baths quite yet. Freezer will be coming to the rescue this year!

The quickest way to put up a large batch of chiles is to blast them under the broiler for a few minutes. It really only takes 2-3 to get them a nice char. Once cooled, you can peel away the charred bits, and freeze them for later. Leave some whole for stuffing in the future (think chile relleno) or slice them into ribbons/chunks for super-easy additions to stews, salsas, and sautées later.

I find freezer bags to be the most workable for storing chiles if you don’t have a vacuum sealer system at home. Do your best to suck as much excess air out of them and lay flat in the freezer to start. Once frozen you can store them upright to save space.

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