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cooking from the pantry – may 5, 2014

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Remember how the house was overflowing with veggies last week? Well… they are all pretty much gone. We have bits left. The freezer only has some tomatillo sauce and a measly pint of oven-roasted tomatoes to give, so it is the pantry (grains & legumes galore) that is doing the heavy lifting. Meals Sopes Baked Potatoes with Parmesan Broccoli Macaroni & Cheese | Roasted Brussel Sprouts Vegetarian Tan-Tan Noodles* with leftover veggies Barbecued Tempeh Sandwiches […]

cooking from the pantry – february 3

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vegetarian meal plans

Starting the grand old month of February off with a pantry week. It’s like that. The challenge from now until May will be my dwindling tomato stash, which are my crutch on weeks like this. Gonna try to hold myself to one jar. I do have a tiny bit of lettuce and cabbage left that I am using to supplement the stash of sweet potatoes, potatoes and onions that I have on hand. Wish me […]

my 3-bean vegan chili

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I’ve had a chili post in the draft column for well over two years, but the recipe for my homemade chili would morph with every make. It started as a black bean chili with lots of sweet peppers and it has slowly drifted into a hardier, spicier and more “meaty” chili that has a lingering and mellow heat. It’s perfect for the cooler weather that we have ahead, but goes down just as easily with […]

comida mexicana all week

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vegetarian meal plans

We had to skip our CSA pickup this past weekend and I have not had time to hit one of the other local markets since, so the fresh veggie contingent in our house has been reduced to the handful of staples that are essential to a Mexican kitchen – tomatoes, onions, cilantro, potatoes, and chiles. So this week, I am going to hit my week of cooking with my mama in mind. Comida mexicana all […]

recipe: vegetarian frijoles charros

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I will fess up from the get-go – pinto beans and I have not been friends. I grew up on the black beans that were familiar to my Yucatecan parents and well…. they don’t really eat pinto beans or flour tortillas or enchiladas or that rice with little carrots and peas in it. In my house, we grew up eating black beans, corn tortillas, lots of caldos (hence my love of thin, broth-filled soups) , […]