cooking from the pantry – february 3

Starting the grand old month of February off with a pantry week. It’s like that. The challenge from now until May will be my dwindling tomato stash, which are my crutch on weeks like this. Gonna try to hold myself to one jar. I do have a tiny bit of lettuce and cabbage left that I am using to supplement the stash of sweet potatoes, potatoes and onions that I have on hand. Wish me luck!

Sweet Potato Soup | Pesto Grilled Cheese (sweet potatoes, onions, spices, bread, pesto from the freezer)
Mac and Cheese | Brussel Sprouts (pound of pasta, fridge staples, purchased brussel sprouts)
Chana Masala (chickpeas, 1 jar of canned tomatoes, onions, rice, spices)
Vegetarian Tan-Tan Noodles* (noodles, black bean sauce, almond butter, veggie bits, canned water chestnuts)
Taco Salads (leftover lettuce, black beans, salsa, rice, purchased avocado)
Hummus Wraps (pitas, chickpeas, tahini, lemon, cabbage, roasted red peppers from freezer, rice)
Pizza Night

It may go without saying, but pantry weeks are also usually a little skinny on recipes as I am winging it a bit based on what I have on hand. I have absolutely no plan for the pizza yet, and this may just have to hold off till after our CSA pickup on Saturday morning.


* From the Heart of the Plate by Mollie Katzen

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