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texas pepper sofrito

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texas pepper sofrito |

Although most commonly associated with Latin American cuisine, the use of a sofrito is common across cuisines from all over the world. Italian food (and most soups we are familiar with in the US) begin with a base of chopped celery, onion, and carrots, fried in oil or butter. Indian curries most often begin with a fry of onions, ginger and garlic. They’re about establishing a flavor base more than anything. The following sofrito bares […]

use your preserves: strawberry lemonade

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strawberry lemonade from preserves |

We don’t eat oodles of sweets around here, but a cold glass of lemonade is pretty close to perfection on hot afternoons. A good portion of our homemade sweet preserves (blueberry, peach, strawberry) get used for summer beverages – blueberry limeade, peach tea, and her favorite – strawberry lemonade. Strawberry Lemonade makes 1 quart ½ cup lemon juice ¼ cup strawberry preserves ¼ cup sugar 3 cups water Combine lemon juice, strawberry preserves and sugar […]

cooking from the pantry – february 3

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Starting the grand old month of February off with a pantry week. It’s like that. The challenge from now until May will be my dwindling tomato stash, which are my crutch on weeks like this. Gonna try to hold myself to one jar. I do have a tiny bit of lettuce and cabbage left that I am using to supplement the stash of sweet potatoes, potatoes and onions that I have on hand. Wish me […]

homemade pantry – january update

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homemade pantry - january update |

I figured it was time to a check in on my pantry stash. Doing my absolute best to not freak out as I itemize the contents of my pantry, but summer preserving season is a long, 4 months away. What I have left: raw packed tomatoes (6 pints) oven roasted tomatoes ( 2 ½ pints in ½ pint portions) sofrito (½ pint in freezer) ketchup (2 pints in ¼ pint portions) peach preserves (1 ½ […]

mid-day apple sauce

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Love that I can do this on a moment’s notice now. Spotted softening fruit (5-6 apples) in the fridge. Cored and cut it. Simmered it in acidified water. Drained it and put it through a food mill and voila! I have a small jar of apple sauce that can be used for my applesauce muffins later this week. P.S. Thank you, Tamara! She thought of me when her “spring” cleaning yielded a food mill. There […]

ketchup and okra

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A couple of really fun things happened in the kitchen this weekend: Ketchup I picked up some more tomatoes and decided to turn the small batch (about 4-5 pounds) into ketchup. With Food in Jars planted firmly at my kitchen counter, I simmered the tomatoes down and made the entire house crave french fries. We tried them out at breakfast with a quick batch of home fries and even the 8yo, who is not a […]

my homemade pantry

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cooking from the pantry - february 3 |

I’ve been meaning to take a photograph of what I’ve been stocking in my homemade pantry for weeks now, but there just isn’t enough light in there to do the work justice. I had the attention of my 8yo assistant today, so I jumped at the chance to set it all up at the dining room table. First summer that I’ve tackled preserving, so you’ll have to excuse the out-of-character brag. 😉 Pictured above – […]