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cooking from the pantry - february 3 |

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I’ve been meaning to take a photograph of what I’ve been stocking in my homemade pantry for weeks now, but there just isn’t enough light in there to do the work justice. I had the attention of my 8yo assistant today, so I jumped at the chance to set it all up at the dining room table.

First summer that I’ve tackled preserving, so you’ll have to excuse the out-of-character brag. 😉

Pictured above – crushed tomatoes, pickled okra, pickled red onions, dill pickles, pickled peppers, blueberry jam, strawberry-vanilla jam, strawberry and beets. There are a few other jars of preserves that I’ve picked up at swaps and I am hoping to tackle the mighty pressure canner next. Beans!

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vegetarian. mama. love to cook, read, knit, take pictures and make things. places where food, memory, and culture intersect are my favorite.


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