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austin bakes for west is today

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austin bakes for west is today!

We had unseasonably cool weather last night so our late-night oven-churning was doing good in all sorts of ways! A vegan version of my chipotle-honey granola will be at the Northwest location of Austin bakes today – Whole Foods Market Gateway from 10am-2pm. Be sure to stop by at least one of the 8 locations that are going or stop by all eight! Handy-dandy map should you find yourself in need. If you can’t stop […]

vegetarian meal plan – march 25, 2013

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vegetarian meal plans
vegetarian meal plan - march 25, 2013 |

Strangely enough, it is on the quiet weeks that I find my cooking discipline wavering. I seem to want to cozy into the free hours that the calendar holds with a book and some tea and maybe a stash of yarn. So… this week is going to need a little more structure if there is to be home-cooked food around. Meals Split Pea Soup | Quinoa Cakes Chard and Goat Cheese Enchiladas | Frijoles Negros […]

saturday’s market stash

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cooking in season
saturday's market stash |

Stoked for the large stash that was waiting for us at the market today: Mixed Lettuce Fennel Spinach Beets (and greens) Carrots Bok Choi Grapefruit Oranges Eggs Parsley Kohlrabi Radishes Green Onions Beets and their greens have already been juiced. Spinach went into a quick mid-day batch of spaghetti with pepper and lemon and am trying to figure out what kind of dressing to make for the week’s salads. What are you cooking? P.S. Toes […]

recipe: vegetarian frijoles charros

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comida mexicana / recipes

I will fess up from the get-go – pinto beans and I have not been friends. I grew up on the black beans that were familiar to my Yucatecan parents and well…. they don’t really eat pinto beans or flour tortillas or enchiladas or that rice with little carrots and peas in it. In my house, we grew up eating black beans, corn tortillas, lots of caldos (hence my love of thin, broth-filled soups) , […]

go vote!

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Not gonna get on too much of a soapbox here. All I’ll say is that we make choices every day – where to get groceries, organic v. conventional, what books to get, bookstore v. library, which route to take to school, what to watch on TV, and in hundreds of other tiny ways every day of our lives. Please make time for today’s (S)Elections. If you are in Texas you can visit for information […]

garden update

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cooking in season

This is the largest harvest we’ve had to date and I quickly turned it into a batch of my salsa casera to celebrate. Looking forward to more for salads, sandwiches and different flavored salsas. Also thinking ahead to next year. We’ll need to up the tomato plant count and possibly add in some cherry tomato varieties.