go vote!

go vote! | aneelee.wordpress.com

Not gonna get on too much of a soapbox here. All I’ll say is that we make choices every day – where to get groceries, organic v. conventional, what books to get, bookstore v. library, which route to take to school, what to watch on TV, and in hundreds of other tiny ways every day of our lives.

Please make time for today’s (S)Elections.

If you are in Texas you can visit http://www.votetexas.gov for information on where to vote and what time you have till. If you are in Austin, don’t forget to peek at the 18 propositions that are part of the local Election. Everyone else can check out the front page of Google which has a nifty tool.

We’ll be watching election results from the comfort of our living room tonight in true Tejas style – with guac, salsa and chips within arms reach.

Happy Voting!

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