winging it | no menu for week of may 3

I’m gonna wing it this week. There are some stray veggies and greens in the fridge, leftover beans and soup and a fair amount of produce left. Fridge contents are as follows:

leftover lentil soup
black beans
leftover red sauce
boiled yukon gold potatoes
mixed lettuce
brussel sprouts
red peppers
spring onions
yellow onions
half a celebration roast

I am heading out to my most-favoritest grocery store in the whole wide world – Wheatsville – to pick up some staples and fruit (will have to post later on the ridiculous amounts of fruit that are consumed in this house). Combined with my pantry pickings, I should be able to pull something grand together.

We had leftover potato and chard tacos (a variation on my potato and kale tacos) with goat cheese and black beans #fordinnertonight. I’ll keep you posted on what the rest of the week looks like.

Be kind. Be patient. Eat well.

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