back home | no meal plan | may 4, 2011

We are finally back home!

It’ll come as no surprise that I don’t really have a plan to get us through the rest of the week. I’ll be heading out to the grocery store a little bit later to make sure we have bare essentials. I’m thinking it’ll be a couple of days of rice and beans, maybe some spaghetti and we may defrost those olive-lentil burgers from a while ago.

I’ll put together an actual plan for the weekend and next week based on what we should be getting in our CSA box on Friday:

New Potatoes
Mixed Summer Squash (!!!!)
Broccoli or Cauliflower
Bunched Beets
Mixed Lettuce Heads
Spring Onions
Bunched Carrots
Bok Choi

We’ve had a few days of eating food from the mythical land of Who-Knows-Where, so we are ready to dive into our local box of goodies. 🙂

Catch you guys later this week.

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