school preparedness & assimilation camp

We are on Day One of our School Preparedness & Assimilation Camp. We finished breakfast at 8:45 and I think it would take us another 30 minutes to get out the door if we really had to today. Luckily, Day One, is about identifying problem areas. The girl read in bed for too long, we failed to get up when we heard the alarm and fulfilling a waffle-from-scratch craving on a school day was probably unrealistic. Haven’t gotten to lunch troubleshooting yet, but I anticipate hungry tummies before it’s time for our “practice” lunch and portion control issues.

And as much as I want to focus on getting us ready for school, there is a Soul Train dance line in the living room that is vastly more important this last week of summer.

Yup. It’s gonna be a rough camp.

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